Jewelry Acquisition Services

We Buy Jewelry

Interested in selling your jewelry? Look no further! At our Newport Beach location, we regularly purchase jewelry. So, if you have any pieces you'd like to sell, we're here to help. Whether it's one piece or one hundred, we'd be thrilled to take a look at your collection. We can even sit down with you and go through it together, offering prices for each item or the entire collection, without any obligation from you.


To maximize the value of your jewelry, entrust it to us for consignment. We will showcase your piece in our showroom and leverage our knowledgeable sales representatives to connect you with the perfect buyer. This enables you to retain control over the sales price while we handle the negotiations and sell your jewelry on your behalf. Our fee, calculated as a percentage, will be added to the agreed-upon price, and any discounts applied at the point of sale will be deducted from our commission. With William Harold Jewelers' consignment service, you can enjoy the full worth of your jewelry hassle-free!

Broker Services

Through our extensive worldwide connections we can act as brokers to sell your jewelry. Be it through private acquisition, wholesale partners or auction houses, we work for you to get the highest price for your collection. With our vast network of global connections, we serve as expert brokers to effectively sell your jewelry. Whether it be through private acquisitions, strategic wholesale partnerships, or prestigious auction houses, our primary goal is to secure the highest value for your unique collection.

We Come To You

Should you feel uneasy about traveling with your jewelry, rest assured that we are more than willing to come to you. Whether at your home, bank, or the place where your jewelry is being kept, we will have all the necessary gemological equipment to evaluate your items in person and proceed with making our offer.


For an appointment please call or text (949) 673-0365

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