What Is A Diamond Simulant?

What Is A Diamond Simulant?

Diamond simulants are gemstones designed like natural diamonds but have different compositions. The simulants have varied physical and chemical features and thus sell at a lower price. One factor that sets simulants apart from natural diamonds is their fiery sparkle.

Types of Simulants

The two types of diamond simulants include:

Natural Simulants

These are natural minerals resembling a diamond when cut. The gems contain contaminants that mimic a diamond’s color.

Artificial Simulants

They are human-made diamonds copied from other materials. Materials refined in the laboratory generate simulated diamonds.

These types define simulants as natural or artificial creations. High-leaded glass components like rhinestones add up as diamond simulants.

How To Tell A Diamond Simulant From A Natural Diamond

There are specific properties that differentiate natural diamonds and simulants. The main properties include:

Chemical composition

Natural and lab-grown diamonds contain an orderly and unique atomic structure with carbon traces. Natural diamonds are singly refractive, while diamond simulants vary in their refractive features.


Natural diamond is the hardest and thus ranks at the top of the Mohs scale with a rating of 10. It is scratch-resistant and has sharp facets. Diamond simulants have a poor polish with external flaws. They scratch, break, chip, and crack more easily than natural diamonds.

Clarity and color

Real diamonds contain internal and external clarity features forming part of their nature. Artificial stimulants have internal flaws due to growing in a controlled environment. Natural diamond simulants have inclusions with faults not common in real diamonds.


A natural diamond can glow in visible light and change color upon exposure to ultraviolet rays. Genuine diamonds have varying intensities in yellow, blue, mauve, red, or green colors. Artificial diamond simulants fail to show the variable intensity of colors.

Where To Buy Diamond Simulants?

It is vital to buy your diamond simulants from a trusted retailer. Most labs don’t use grading reports for simulants, meaning that reputable sellers are essential.

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