What Is A CVD Diamond?

What Is A CVD Diamond?

CVD diamonds are an excellent option if you’re looking for synthetic diamond gems, especially now that we have several lab-grown diamonds in the jewelry market. These diamonds have gained popularity because they have similar qualities to natural diamonds and are affordable. But what precisely is a CVD diamond?

What Are CVD Diamonds?

A CVD diamond is one type of lab-grown diamond. CVD denotes “Chemical Vapor Deposition,” a vacuum deposition method that’s universally used to produce high-quality, solid materials – such as diamonds – in a laboratory. CVD diamonds have been an ethical and well-organized source of diamonds for decades.

Are CVD Diamonds Real?

CVD diamonds are, at times, referred to as synthetic diamonds. Unlike natural diamonds, they don’t form within the earth. They, however, are chemically identical and have the same physical properties as natural diamonds. It’s actually hard to tell the difference between a CVD and a natural diamond by sight. To identify it, diamond specialists and jewelers examine it under a microscope or subject it to a number of tests in the lab.

The History of CVD Diamonds

General Electric produced the first lab-grown diamond in 1955, one year after the first patent for CVD diamonds was issued. DeBeers procured the high-pressure high temperature (HPHT) expertise for lab-grown diamonds from General Electric, which disappeared for years. Although the expertise was not used for years, it set the stage for later technological advances that ultimately led to the creation of the first CVD diamonds in the 1980s.

Pros and Cons of a CVD Diamond


  • CVD is available in various sizes, shapes, and colors
  • They are cheaper than natural stones
  • They have fire, sparkle, and brilliance
  • A CVD diamond can be grown in 6-8 weeks
  • They do not originate from areas of conflict – they aren’t blood diamonds
  • They have the same environmental impact as mined stones


  • They don’t come with a GIA certification
  • They’re not widely available
  • There are no CVD diamond specifications or regulations, so you aren’t sure of what you’re getting
  • Some renowned jewelry brands refuse to sell CVD diamonds

Bottom Line

A CVD diamond is an affordable and beautiful alternative to a naturally mined diamond.

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