What Is A Clarity Enhanced Diamond?

What Is A Clarity Enhanced Diamond?

A Clarity Enhanced Diamond is a diamond that has been treated to increase its clarity. This treatment includes various processes such as laser ablation, injection, and thermal treatment. When done correctly, a Clarity Enhanced Diamond should have a higher clarity than a regular diamond.

Many factors affect the clarity of a diamond. The quality of the raw diamond, the type of treatment performed, and the jeweler’s skill are all important factors in determining the final clarity rating. However, overall clarity is usually graded on a scale from D (low) to Z ( ultra-clear). A Clarity Enhanced Diamond should have an above-average clarity rating and could be classified as an E or F grade.

Different Types Of Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

There are various types of clarity-enhanced diamonds, each with its benefits. Among the most common are those treated with a clear coating called a nitrocellulose lacquer. This treatment makes the diamond more visible to the naked eye and can improve its clarity. Other enhancements that may be included in a clarity-enhanced diamond include micro-paintings and laser treatments.

How To Choose A Clarity Enhanced Diamond

There is no definitive answer to this question, as choosing a clarity-enhanced diamond will ultimately come down to personal preference. However, here are some tips on how to choose a clarity-enhanced diamond:

1. Check the clarity grade on the diamond.

Clarity-enhanced diamonds typically have a higher clarity grade than standard diamonds. This means that their inclusions (such as blemishes and impurities) are less visible to the naked eye.

2. Look for diamonds with natural color.

Clarity-enhanced diamonds are often treated with a variety of treatments that enhance their color, but some natural color diamonds may be found at a lower price point. Natural colored diamonds are more expensive, but they also project more of their beauty and sparkle.

3. Consider your budget and priorities.

Most people generally prefer a diamond with a higher clarity grade over one with a lower grade, but it’s important to consider your budget and priorities when making this decision. A lower-grade diamond may be less expensive, but it may not project as well as a higher-quality, enhanced diamond.

4. Confirm the quality of the clarity enhancement treatment.


A clarity-enhanced diamond is a type of diamond that has been treated in a way that results in greater clarity. Clarity-enhanced diamonds are often more expensive than traditional diamonds, but they offer several benefits that may be worth the price tag. These benefits include being less affected by color changes (due to the inclusion of additional elements), having a longer life, and appearing more sparkling when checked under a microscope. If you are interested in buying a diamond with increased clarity, We suggest visiting a reputable dealer who offers this type of diamond.

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