How To Resize My Wedding Ring

How To Resize My Wedding Ring

Greetings from the heart of Newport Beach, friends, and customers! Are you experiencing a little too much wiggle room with your cherished wedding ring or perhaps it's become a bit snug over the years? Don’t worry! At Wm. Harold & Sons, we understand the sentimental value your wedding ring holds and the importance of a perfect fit. Let’s talk about everything you need to know about resizing your ring.

Understanding Ring Sizes

Every ring, just like its wearer, is unique. Ring sizes can be influenced by a host of factors like weight fluctuations, weather (your fingers tend to shrink in cold!), age, and even pregnancy. It's important to measure your ring size accurately for optimal comfort and security. Remember, our expert team at Wm. Harold & Sons is always here to help you find that perfect fit.

When to Consider Resizing

Sometimes, it's difficult to know if your ring requires resizing. If your ring slides around too much or leaves an indentation on your finger, it might be time for an adjustment. Ignoring these signs might lead to your precious ring getting lost or causing discomfort. For more personalized advice, don't hesitate to reach out to our experienced jewelers right here in Newport Beach.

Options for Resizing Your Wedding Ring

You have several options to get that ideal fit. These include professional resizing, which is a permanent solution, or temporary fixes like ring adjusters and sizes. At Wm. Harold & Sons, we always encourage consultation with our team to discuss the best path for you and your ring. Remember, we're not just jewelers – we're a part of your family tradition, committed to your satisfaction.

The Process of Professional Ring Resizing

When you trust a professional like us with your ring, you can rest assured knowing we'll treat it with the utmost care. The process, which can make a ring larger or smaller, requires precision and an understanding of the ring's structure, especially for rings with gemstones or intricate designs. 

Professional Ring Resizing Walkthrough:


  • Evaluation: The jeweler will assess the ring, examining its structure, materials, and design, especially if it has gemstones or intricate details. They'll also confirm your accurate ring size.
  • Deciding the Method: Depending on whether the ring needs to be made larger or smaller, the jeweler will decide the appropriate method.
  • To Make Larger: The ring will be cut at the bottom and a small piece of additional metal will be soldered into the gap to increase the ring's circumference.
  • To Make Smaller: A small piece of metal is removed from the bottom of the ring, then the ends are brought together and soldered.
  • Reshaping: After adjusting the size, the jeweler will reshape the ring on a mandrel (a metal rod) to ensure it's round.
  • Refinishing: The ring will undergo cleaning, polishing, and reapplication of any special finishes to restore its original appearance.
  • Quality Check: Finally, the jeweler will inspect the ring for any imperfections and ensure the resizing has been carried out accurately.

How to Choose a Reliable Jeweler for Resizing

Choosing a reliable jeweler can be a daunting task. Look for expertise, positive reviews, and a strong connection to their community. At Wm. Harold & Sons, we are proud of our Midwestern roots and our history in the Newport Beach community. Your trust in us means everything, and we promise to answer all your questions with complete transparency.

Caring for Your Resized Ring

Once your ring has been resized, it deserves special care. Keep an eye out for any signs that your ring may need additional adjustments, and remember there are times when it's best not to wear it, like during rigorous activities. Our team at Wm. Harold & Sons can provide more tips to keep your ring in its best condition.


A wedding ring, that precious symbol of love and commitment, deserves to be treated with the utmost care. Resizing can ensure its comfort and security on your finger. From our family to yours, we encourage you to seek professional advice if in doubt about resizing.


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From our family to yours, we wish you and your ring a perfect fit and a lifetime of happiness.