How To Clean Jewelry At Home

How To Clean Jewelry At Home

Welcome to another delightful read from Wm. Harold & Sons, your cherished family-owned jeweler, is deeply rooted in the vibrant community of Newport Beach, from our heartwarming Midwestern beginnings. We bring a tapestry of tradition, expertise, and warmth, ensuring your beloved jewelry pieces shimmer with timeless elegance. Dive into our comprehensive guide on caring for your jewelry, keeping it as enchanting as our rich history and the captivating shores of Orange Beach.

Understanding Different Jewelry Materials

Each jewelry piece tells a story, woven with elements such as gold, silver, diamonds, gemstones, pearls, and costume materials. Understanding the unique language of these materials is the key to preserving their beauty and our store’s dedicated history of craftsmanship and superior service.

Basic Tools and Supplies

In the spirit of excellence, a touch of gentleness, and a sprinkle of Newport Beach's sparkling aura, here’s a list of tools you’ll need. Gentle dish soap, soft-bristled brushes, and soft cotton cloths are among the essentials that echo our commitment to delicate care and proficient service.

General Cleaning Tips

At Wm. Harold & Sons, we echo the vibrant freshness of Orange County by encouraging regular cleaning. Our advice mirrors our consistent commitment to customer satisfaction and jewelry longevity.

Gold and Silver Jewelry Care

Gold resonates with our warm, family-friendly atmosphere, while silver mirrors the sleek elegance of Newport Beach. Discover our meticulously crafted steps and valuable dos and don’ts, ensuring your pieces reflect our tradition of exceptional quality and dedication.

Diamonds, Gemstones, and Pearls

Let your diamonds shimmer like the sun-kissed oceans, and gemstones echo the vibrant diversity of Orange County. Our pearls of wisdom ensure the delicate care of your pearls, guiding them to radiate elegance.

Storage and Maintenance

Ensure your jewelry enjoys a sanctuary, reflective of our store’s soothing and welcoming environment. Cherish your pieces with routine maintenance, celebrating a legacy of excellence and the ongoing glamour of Newport Beach.

Professional Cleaning

For times when expert care is required, allow our seasoned team to lavish your jewelry with professional elegance, embodying our commitment to satisfaction, quality, and community connection.


Inspired by our enduring history, may your jewelry radiate breathtaking brilliance. We invite you to embrace our tradition of impeccable service, warmth, and Newport Beach vibrancy.

Elevate your insights with resources that echo our steadfast dedication to excellence, knowledge, and the delightful spirit of Newport Beach. Engage with us! Share your experiences and embark on a journey of interactive elegance, community warmth, and remarkable service.

Jewel in the Crown of Newport Beach: Experience the legacy, embrace the warmth, and delve into an exquisite world of jewelry at Wm. Harold & Sons. Make an Appointment or explore our luminous world further on our Blog.

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