How Should Engagement Rings Fit?

How Should Engagement Rings Fit?

Welcome to the latest entry on the Wm. Harold & Sons blog, where our commitment to the Newport Beach community and our passion for jewelry come together to help you make informed decisions about your most treasured pieces. Today, we're diving into an essential topic for anyone embarking on the journey to lifelong commitment: "How Should Engagement Rings Fit?" Selecting the perfect engagement ring is a profound expression of love, and ensuring it fits correctly is crucial for both comfort and security. Here's a guide to understanding how engagement rings should fit and tips for getting it right.

The Ideal Fit for Engagement Rings

Snug but Comfortable

An engagement ring should fit snugly enough on the finger that it doesn't slide off easily but is still comfortable to wear. Ideally, the ring should slide over the knuckle with some resistance but not cause discomfort or difficulty in removal.

Consider Finger Size Variations

Finger size can change throughout the day and with different seasons, often swelling in hot weather or with physical activity and shrinking in cold conditions. The ideal fit accounts for these variations, ensuring the ring remains comfortable and secure under different circumstances.

The "Twist Test"

A simple way to check for a good fit is the twist test. Once the ring is on, try twisting it around the finger. If the ring moves with minimal resistance, it's a good sign that the fit is snug but not too tight. However, if the ring spins freely or slides too easily up and down the finger, it might be too loose.

Tips for Getting the Right Fit

Measure at the Right Time of Day

Since fingers tend to swell throughout the day, it's best to measure ring size during the late afternoon or evening when your fingers are likely at their largest.

Consider the Width of the Band

The width of the ring's band can affect how the ring fits. Wider bands tend to fit more snugly, so you might need to go half a size up from your usual ring size for comfort.

Don't Guess the Size

If you're planning a surprise proposal, avoid guessing the ring size. Instead, try borrowing one of your partner's rings (from the correct finger) to get sized by a jeweler, or ask friends or family if they know your partner's size.

Account for the Knuckle

For those with larger knuckles, the ring needs to be sized to fit the knuckle comfortably without being too loose on the base of the finger. In such cases, consider ring adjusters or sizing beads that can be added by a jeweler to ensure a secure fit.

Leave Room for Resizing

Even with careful measurement, you might not get the fit perfect on the first try. Choose a ring that can be easily resized by a jeweler if necessary. Note that some materials, like tungsten or titanium, and rings with full eternity bands can be difficult or impossible to resize.

Long-Term Considerations

Anticipate Size Changes

Over time, it's natural for your finger size to change due to various factors, including age, weight changes, and health conditions. Regularly assess the fit of your engagement ring and have it resized as needed for comfort and security.

Professional Fitting

For the most accurate sizing, visit a professional jeweler who can measure your finger and provide advice on the best fit for your engagement ring, especially if you're choosing a band with unique features or materials.


The right fit for an engagement ring strikes a balance between security and comfort. It should be snug enough not to slip off but comfortable enough for daily wear, taking into account the natural variations in finger size. By following these guidelines and seeking professional advice when needed, you can ensure your engagement ring not only symbolizes your commitment but also fits perfectly as a daily reminder of your love.

At Wm. Harold & Sons, we blend our deep-rooted family values with the unique needs of the Newport Beach community to provide an experience that's as special and enduring as the rings we offer. We invite you to visit us, share your story, and let us be part of your journey to the perfect engagement ring fit. For more advice, insights, or to schedule a consultation, connect with us through our website or stop by our store in Newport Beach. Your love story deserves nothing less than perfection, and at Wm. Harold & Sons, perfection is what we strive for.

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