Can You Turn White Gold Into Yellow Gold?

Can You Turn White Gold Into Yellow Gold?

Gold is a glamorous symbol of wealth and success. Although it can come in many colors, the most popular colors are yellow, white, and rose gold. Making yellow gold appear white is a simple process, but you may wonder if you can change the appearance of white gold as well. Read on to find out.

What is the Difference Between White and Yellow Gold?

In its natural form, gold has its classic yellow color. However, it is also soft and malleable, making it a complex material for jewelry making. Generally, gold is combined with other metals, such as zinc, nickel, and copper, to become hard enough for jewelry. White gold is often mixed with a white metal such as palladium. Finally, it is given rhodium plating for a polished silvery look. This kind of gold is a cheap alternative to platinum or titanium, which are often twice as expensive.

Since more steps are involved in making white gold, it can be a little more expensive than its yellow counterpart, but the two are worth the same. (For example, 18-karat yellow gold has the same value as 18-karat white gold.)

Can You Turn White Gold into Yellow Gold?

The simple answer is no. While it is technically possible, the process is complicated. The white gold would have to be melted, and all alloys would be removed. However, a simple alternative is plating white gold with yellow to give it that white gold appearance.

Why is My White Gold Piece Turning Yellow?

The top layer of rhodium plating wears down over time, especially if you wear your jewelry often. Even with professional polishing, this layer chips away gradually until the yellow surface appears. If enough time has passed for the piece to appear yellow, you can always get it re-plated.

Yellow gold is the most popular type of gold, with white gold in second place. By mixing pure gold with other metals, yellow gold can change into white, but the reverse is not as simple. Even so, you can always have yellow plating on top to give your piece that classic warm glow.

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