Can Engagement Rings Be Resized?

Can Engagement Rings Be Resized?

Welcome to another informative session from Wm. Harold & Sons is your trustworthy family jeweler nestled in the heart of Newport Beach. Since our migration from the Midwest, we’ve planted roots in this beautiful Orange County community, establishing a tradition of quality, expertise, and warm customer service in the jewelry industry. Today, we bring another gem of information - the art and science of engagement ring resizing. Finding the perfect ring is a monumental step in your journey towards marital bliss, but what if the fit isn’t just right? Fear not! We're here to guide you through the possibilities and considerations of ring resizing.

When is Resizing Necessary?

Rings are intimate pieces, symbolizing love and commitment. But sometimes, they might not fit perfectly due to various reasons such as an initial wrong size, changes in finger size due to weight fluctuations, or environmental factors. The good news is, that resizing is a feasible option, ensuring your beautiful token of love fits snugly and comfortably.

Factors Affecting the Ability to Resize a Ring

As artisans deeply connected to our craft and community, we consider various aspects to ensure a seamless resizing process. The material, design, and the degree of resizing required play a pivotal role in determining the best approach to tailor the ring to your unique needs.

Common Methods of Ring Resizing

  1. Cutting and Soldering
  • Making the Ring Smaller: A piece of the ring’s band is cut out, and the ends are soldered back together. This method is commonly used and works well for rings that need to be downsized substantially.
  • Making the Ring Larger: A piece of matching metal is added to expand the ring’s band, and the parts are soldered together to create a seamless look.
  1. Stretching or Compressing
  • This method involves stretching the ring to make it larger or compressing it to make it smaller. However, this technique is suitable for simpler bands as it may distort the shape or damage gem settings in more intricate designs.
  1. Adding Sizing Beads or Bars
  • Small beads or bars of metal are added to the inside of the ring’s band. These act as a cushion, making the ring fit more snugly. This is a reversible method and is particularly useful when the resizing needed is minimal.

Risks and Challenges in Ring Resizing

  1. Metal Weakness and Structural Integrity
  • Resizing involves altering the original structure of the ring, such as cutting, soldering, or stretching the metal. These alterations can potentially weaken the ring's band, making it more susceptible to bending or breaking in the future.
  1. Gemstone Damage
  • The process of resizing can subject the ring to heat and pressure, which might affect the gemstones set in the ring. There’s a risk of the stones becoming loose, falling out, or getting damaged due to the manipulation of the ring's structure during resizing.
  1. Design Alterations
  • Particularly intricate or detailed ring designs might be affected during the resizing process. The ring’s overall appearance, including engraved details, patterns, or other decorative elements, might be altered or distorted, impacting the aesthetic appeal of the ring.

Each resizing method comes with its considerations, and a skilled jeweler will carefully evaluate the best approach to minimize these risks. At Wm. Harold & Sons, our dedicated craftsmen leverage their extensive experience to navigate these challenges, ensuring that your cherished piece retains its beauty and significance after the resizing process.

Cost Implications

We believe in fair and transparent dealings, providing a range of services that accommodate various budget needs. The cost of resizing is influenced by different factors, which we will discuss openly, ensuring you receive outstanding value and satisfaction.

Alternatives to Ring Resizing

Exploring alternatives? We offer practical solutions like ring adjusters or wearing the ring on a different finger, ensuring your comfort without compromising the ring’s significance.

How to Avoid Resizing

Avoiding the need to resize an engagement ring starts with accurate size measurement at the time of purchase. Ensure you measure the ring finger at different times of the day and in varying temperatures to account for natural fluctuations in finger size. 

Additionally, consider consulting with the jeweler about the design; certain styles are more adaptable to future size adjustments than others. When planning a surprise proposal, you might seek advice from friends or borrow one of your partner’s existing rings (from the correct finger) to ascertain the size. 

Remember, an informed decision at the initial stage can help you avoid the complexities of resizing later on. At Wm. Harold & Sons, we are committed to guiding you through these crucial steps, ensuring that your engagement ring fits perfectly from the very beginning.


Your engagement ring is a symbol of love, and it deserves the utmost care and expertise. We invite you to visit our store or contact us for personalized assistance, ensuring your ring is a perfect expression of your journey together.

Ready to resize your ring?

Make an appointment with our jewelry experts, and allow us to bring harmony between your beautiful ring and the finger it graces.

We welcome you to share your resizing experiences and reviews with us and the community. Your insights illuminate our path, ensuring we continuously refine our offerings to meet your desires and expectations.

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