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About William Harold & Sons

Your Newport Beach Jeweler

Established in 1969, William Harold & Sons is a Newport Beach jeweler specializing in all types of new and used jewelry as well as jewelry repair services. Whether you’re looking for 50 carat diamond, a vintage costume necklace, or the perfect engagement ring, William Harold Jewelers has a broad selection of options as well as a network of connections in the industry to provide you with exactly what your heart desires at a fair price. In addition, William Harold & Sons is a full service Newport Beach jeweler providing an array of jewelry repair services and consignment options to take care of all of your jewelry needs.

William Harold & Sons – A Newport Beach Jewelry Store

What began as a tiny store with a single jewelry display case and a few gold pieces has blossomed into what William Harold Jewelers is today, a full service Newport Beach jewelry store offering thousands of new pieces of jewelry, countless estate items, and a full-service jewelry repair shop.

Today, the family tradition continues at Willam Harold & Sons. Currently owned and operated by Willam’s son, Tim Harold, the store also employs William Jr., a master gold and platinum smith with over 45 years of experience in jewelry repair and working with precious metals.

With a passion to take William Harold Jewelers into a new era in its third generation of ownership, Tim Harold Jr., William’s grandson, has come on board as the store’s day to day manager. Excited to update and modernize the store’s operations, Tim Jr. and his family remain dedicated to providing the highest quality customer service, dealings with honest and integrity, and a casual environment with the pleasant attitude that has made William Harold Jewelers successful for all these years.

The William Harold Jewelers Promise

A Newport Beach jeweler passionate about jewelry and dedicated to customer service, William Harold & Sons is committed to delivering a relaxing atmosphere, fair and honest dealings, and supreme customer service.

Our pledge is to provide you with the best customer service possible. We are passionate about people, jewelry, and our jobs. In an industry dominated by greed, we want to set ourselves apart by caring for you and your needs first. Contact William Harold Jewelers anytime. We’re happy to serve you!

About William Harold Jewelers

Nestled in the beautiful coastal city of Newport Beach in the heart of Orange County, CA, William Harold & Sons Jewelers is a staple of the Southern California beach community. So it might be surprising to learn that William Harold Jewelers traces its roots to the midwest – St. Louis, Missouri, to be exact.

The year was 1946, and William Harold, alongside his brother, began a jewelry repair and manufacturing business serving St. Louis and the surrounding area. For years, the brothers worked tirelessly, creating custom jewelry for local designers and completing repairs for large jewelry retailers. What began as a joint business venture became a labor of love, and the foundation was laid for what would become William’s lifelong business pursuit.

From St. Louis Jewelry Repair to a Newport Beach Jeweler

During the late 1960s, William and hiswife vacationed in Southern California. While gazing on the pristine beaches, breathing in the salty air, and soaking in rejuvenating rays of the sun, both William and Mrs. Harold fell in love again, this time with the paradise that is the southern region of the golden state. After a brief return to Missouri, William and Mrs. Harold packed up everything they owned and moved to Los Angeles.

L.A. served William well, and for years he worked successfully amongst the top west coast jewelry designers. Nonetheless, Newport Beach was calling. Recognizing the ample business opportunities in the area alongside the relaxed, beach-inspired lifestyle the sleepy beach town afforded its residents, William moved his family and his business behind the “orange curtain.” His jewelry repair business thrived, and soon he, with his son William Jr. working at his side, was doing work for large retailers and departments stores like Robinsons, Sears, and Zales.

When given the chance to open a storefront on the beautiful Balboa Peninsula, William seized the opportunity. The small store gave him the perfect place to repair jewelry while providing him some counter space to display and sell his own jewelry designs.